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Live Your Life to the Fullest and Take OWNERSHIP of Your Health and Your Life NOW!!

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What you'll get:

  • EDUCATION over the course of the next year on ALL Six Pillars of Health
    • Video instruction and inspiration EVERY WEEK to watch at your convenience
    • Six to ten new videos every week
    • Short, bite-sized videos to fit into every schedule
    • Topics include nutrition/cooking, mindset, energy management/restoration, DIY natural products, natural healing, toxins, essential oils and MORE!!
  • TOOLS AND RESOURCES to support your lifestyle changes and those of your family
    • Written tools and/or audio downloads EVERY WEEK
    • Complementing the education that week
    • Product reviews, pdfs, mp3s, interviews and more
  • SUPPORT from a seasoned healthcare practitioner, health/nutrition coach and certified life coach
    • Who has already helped hundreds of people with education and coaching
    • TWO WEEKLY live coaching sessions ~ also available on replay
    • AND the support of a like-minded community
  • ADDITIONAL Information, Tools/Resources and Support
    • Monthly webinars on health topics
    • Guest healthcare practitioner ~ every month
    • Preview of all my online classes each month
  • ALL available to watch at YOUR convenience 
    • New content released weekly
  • SIGN-UP NOW and receive COMPLIMENTARY Lifetime Access to my Membership Site


Over the course of the next year you will receive a crazy, insane amount of daily, weekly and monthly support. It is important to remember that your results are your own. Your Transformation is YOURS, not mine, and you are responsible for the changes you make, both positive and negative. Your attitude, mindset, commitment, courage and compassion will drive your results. I will provide abundant fuel (knowledge and tools/resources) and ignition (support and inspiration); you provide the commitment to light the fire ~ as many times as it takes. Taking OWNERSHIP of your health and your life means taking responsibility for your results. It is YOUR life. Let me work with you to put you on the path to living it vibrantly and joyfully.

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